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Tips for Planning an Ammonia Insulation Intervention

Fundamentals for developing an effective, reliable maintenance plan for compromised ammonia refrigeration insulation.


Managing Your Record Keeping Activity Post-NDT

Support for the organization and implementation of Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) related record keeping for PSM, RMP and PHA compliance based on standard requirements and industry best practices.


NDT Compliance Requirements for Covered Process (NH3) Systems

10 Focused Facts to Help Your Team Level-Set :: We have consolidated the fundamentals of NDT compliance requirements on covered process (NH3) systems across all governing programs so you and your team can determine if and how you need to make changes to your plan.


Predict and Pinpoint Threats to Your Piping

By comparing 20+ years of pipe testing data to documented field observations and system characteristics, we have identified patterns and common factors that suggest evidence of stability or weakness. This article details how to detect that CUI has materialized on insulated piping, cues of vulnerability, and more.


Defining Wall Thickness Acceptance Levels for Your In-Service Piping

The piping in your system covers a large footprint of the equipment that is susceptible to ‘deficiency’. Implementing a baseline for your organization that defines specific action at different severity levels of piping deterioration, and what those levels are, is a necessary inclusion for operating within the parameters of PSM and RMP requirements.


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