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Pipe Testing

GGS performs reliable non-destructive pipe testing so you can manage the operational health and safety of your industrial and commercial process piping.

With GGS, pipe testing yields more data in less time with no disruptions to your operations or system.

GGS performs non destructive testing (NDT) on process piping with Radiometric Profiling (RP) technology, applied with the LIXI Profiler. This technique identifies specific types of pipe defects and is able to assess the general condition of piping for informed decision making and regulatory compliance.

The versatile design of the Profiler allows for pipe testing readings on areas and environments that other non destructive testing methods are unable to achieve. With RP, we are able to adapt to countless system configurations and accurately test pipe that is insulated, nested or suspended with ease.

We scan through any pipe material to provide you with reliable quantitative data. It’s unwavering accuracy and ability to detect more conditions than any other technology will help you greatly improve your company’s mechanical integrity program.

Whether you are performing a routine maintenance assessment, or repairing a critical failure, you can count on our NDT pipe testing to be consistent, accurate and effective.


No safety risk

RP is safe. There is zero radiation exposure risk, so facility staff can be present during testing.


No configuration limitations

All piping at your site – including nested and suspended – can be accessed and tested.


No holes in insulation

There is no need for insulation removal or pipe cleaning. We test your pipes as we find them.


More information, faster

We evaluate and collect accurate data on 150 test locations per day on average.


Real-time results

Instant measurements allow for on-the-spot analysis and further investigation of anomalies.


Complete coverage

Entire circumference of insulated and uninsulated pipe is profiled, wall to wall and top to bottom.

Reliable, detailed findings.

Our astute pipe testing locates and measures more conditions in a single scan than any other technology. On piping up to 24″ diameter, we are able to detect:

Pipe Wall Thickness

Double wall measurement on insulated and uninsulated piping


Location and measurement of corrosion (external) on insulated and uninsulated piping and components

Wet Insulation

Location and volume measure of water and/or ice, and missing insulation, on concealed piping

Size and Schedule

Pipe size and schedule P&ID discrepancies for insulated and uninsulated piping with P&ID correction notation where applicable


Location of welds on insulated and uninsulated piping and components


Location and measurement of erosion (internal) on insulated and uninsulated piping and components

Components / Other

On insulated and uninsulated piping, we can also locate and measure:

Valves (and positioning)


Liquid Levels


Learn more about our capabilities in your industry

All piping can be tested.

All piping in your system that needs to be tested will be. We are not bound by accessibility or single wall / single side limitations that are present with other NDT methods.

We are able to test long runs, vertical piping, congested/nested piping, suspended piping and elbows.

Piping degrades as it relates to its function, temp, contents, coating, insulation, etc. – not because of where it is located in the system. Be sure piping that isn’t being tested in your system is for good reason, not because the technology isn’t capable of testing it based on piping size, location or configuration.

We deliver data you can understand in a report you can put into action.


Information collected for each individual testing/scan measurement location (SML) is conclusive, thorough, and easy to understand.

Benefit from results that allow you to do more with your data.


Reach well beyond the minimum standard with information that helps you meet requirements and manage cost today well into the future.

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