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NDT Reporting

Designed to help you prioritize maintenance and meet compliance.

Conclusive NDT reporting you can count on.


GGS evaluates and reports on more details about your system than any other testing service.

Our non destructive testing service results in a reliable evaluation of the insulated and uninsulated piping and vessels in your system. We find and measure every condition you need to know about so you can effectively manage operational health, mitigate risk, and comply with safety.

NDT Reporting

The non destructive data we collect on your system is analyzed and compiled into an easy to understand NDT report. Included in your report are comprehensive results which serve a a record for compliance and includes all findings and the analysis, and concentrated results based on your specifications for quick decision making.

The analysis includes complete detail on both areas fit for service and suspect areas with related implications. It will reveal the areas of your system that yield higher priority based on testing results.

Report Delivery

You will receive the results both in hard copy and electronic format. One of our NDT experts will review the report with your team during a scheduled web conference. During this meeting, we will discuss recommendations based on what we found in your system, including high risk areas that need attention.

Additionally, over the course of the next 5 years, in conjunction with your PSM program, we stay available as your consultant. We will answer any questions related to testing and support you in case of an audit.

It's all in the details.

Included in Your NDT Report

    Priority List

    Results are prioritized for maintenance based on your custom requirements and parameters.

    Executive Summary

    NDT expert summary analysis with results by order of criticality.

    System Detail

    Row-by-row layout that facilitates the comparison of neighboring locations to discover like conditions and discern patterns.

    SML Detail

    All resulting data including measurements for each location we test.

    SML Graph

    Visual representation of the scan reading (for piping).

    Component Vitals

    We find, measure and report on every condition you need to know about your piping and vessels.

    Field Notes

    Documented technician observations of your system during on site testing.

    Binder + PDF

    We deliver your complete NDT report electronically via PDF and as a convenient hard copy binder.

    Report Review Call

    We present the report via web conference to your team to discuss the analysis and critical issues.

    Audit Support

    We stay available to answer any future questions and for 'on-call' support in case of an audit.

    Request a Sample NDT Report

    Or contact us anytime:

    (847) 844-8765

    Our NDT report is a definitive, complete package that will enable you verify mechanical integrity and perform maintenance where necessary. We can evaluate all insulated and uninsulated piping and vessels in your system. Therefore, the diagnosis is thorough with the most extensive set of conditions.

    You are provided with the complete, comprehensive results of our evaluation for PSM and RMP compliance. It includes an executive summary, all test location data, testing parameters, and analysis – all documented per regulatory requirements.

    Our complete NDT reporting serves as a legal document. It should be presented and/or referenced to prove you have met the pipe and vessel testing provisions set forth by OSHA and the EPA.

    Maintain mechanical integrity and meet compliance with confidence.

    You will benefit from results that allow you to affect more than any other testing service. Learn more about the many ways you can use the NDT report you receive from GGS.

    Definitive System Diagnostics

    System Vitals Included in Your NDT Report

    By Industry

    There are varying conditions and regulations found in each industry. As a result, our evaluations are specialized. Learn more about our capabilities and the focus of our testing in your environment.

    Conditions we detect by industry > 

    For Piping

    GGS testing finds and/or measures pipe wall thickness, corrosion, erosion, wet insulation, pipe size and schedule, welds, components, and more in piping.

    Conditions we detect in piping >

    For Vessels

    GGS testing finds and/or measures corrosion, wall thickness, wet insulation, missing insulation, and confirms IDs in pressure vessels.

    Conditions we detect in vessels >