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Gamma Graphics Services

NDT experts with knowledge and experience that spans decades.

We are NDT.

GGS is known as one of the most trusted non destructive testing companies in the field by facility and safety managers, engineers, technicians, contractors and consultants. Established in 1990, we are a team of experts with 75+ years of NDT experience across our leadership team.

For decades, companies have been at the mercy of visual inspection or spot checks using rudimentary technology to assess the health of the industrial pipe systems they rely on to support their facilities. Testing techniques such as ultrasound and radiography were preferred NDT methods even with the limitations they present. Some favor the use of an inspection camera or technology that produces an image, even though the images rarely identify problem areas — and systems are left vulnerable.

LIXI, Inc., Gamma Graphics Services’ parent company, developed the radiometry technology Radiometric Profiling (RP) and the LIXI Profiler. In 2004 we integrated this versatile technology into our pipe testing service to help companies better answer the most important question – is my system safe?

RP has literally re-engineered the manner and process in which the industry detects bad pipe. This advanced NDT method has helped contractors and facilities around the globe to eliminate costly steps, lessen their workload, shrink their labor pool, increase productivity by 8x or more and safely continue production while the inspection is in process, leaving antiquated technologies such as ultrasonic testing and inspection camera methods in its wake.

Whether you are performing a routine maintenance assessment, or repairing a critical failure, you can count on our NDT services to be consistent, accurate and effective.


We deliver data you can understand in a report you can put into action.


Benefit from results that allow you to affect more than any other testing service.





Brent Burns

Brent is the President of GGS and LIXI, Gamma Graphics Services parent company. He is on the board of directors and an officer of a privately-funded charitable foundation and is a principal manager and investor in the Chicago Equity Advisors, LLC, as well as several additional private equity investments.

Brent holds a degree in Mechanical Engineering from Purdue University and an MBA degree from the Executive Program at Vanderbilt University.

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Vice President, NDT Technology

Jim Kovarik

Jim leads the operations and strategies for GGS services and technicians. He began his 30+ years in the practice of NDT technology as an on-site inspection technician at facilities across multiple industries around the globe before joining LIXI in 2004.

Jim is an instructor for UW Madison Industrial Refrigeration Consortium for a course in the Principles and Practices of Mechanical Integrity for Industrial Refrigeration Systems, a regular speaker at RETA and IIAR national conferences, is an active RETA Board Member, and is on the BSR/IIAR CO2 Standard Subcommittee and IIAR 6 Standard Subcommittee. Jim holds a degree in Chemistry from the University of Northern Colorado.

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Vice President, Engineering

Kevin Urness

Kevin directs the engineering and field application of NDT technology for LIXI and GGS. He joined LIXI in 2002 after contributing 20 years to the management of design, engineering and manufacturing of the Application Tooling Division at Molex.

Kevin holds a degree in Mechanical Engineering from Purdue University and an MBA degree from the University of Chicago Booth School of Business.

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Senior Supervisor, Technicians

John Charter

John is a supervisor and mentor to GGS technicians and performs on-site non destructive testing at customer facilities as a senior lead technician. Original founder of Gamma Graphics Services (1990), in which he notably operated an FAA repair station performing NDT on commercial and military aircraft, and performed NDT testing and inspections in industries.

In 2001, Gamma Graphics Services integrated a prototype of the LIXI Profiler into its suite of NDT technology methods and in 2005, Gamma Graphics Services joined forces with current parent company, LIXI, Inc. John's lifelong career as a highly skilled technician includes positions with Tulsa Gamma Ray and Geolograph Pioneer.

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Director, Client Relations

Eddie Hadden

Eddie leads initiatives to ensure our customers and colleagues benefit from tailored, sustainable testing solutions with an eye towards mechanical integrity and compliance. Before joining GGS, Eddie lent his expertise to service-focused business development in the medical field.

Well-versed in the application of NDT in ammonia refrigeration, he is a regular speaker at RETA Chapter meetings. Eddie holds a Social Sciences degree from Florida State University.

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GGS deploys two-man teams to perform non destructive testing services at every facility we work for. This approach ensures optimal efficiency, collaborative decision-making, ensures safety, and enhances security.

Our technicians are experts in NDT technology and execution. Many are veterans, and many have decades of history invested in non destructive testing and evaluation methods.

Systems Knowledge

Understanding the different elements present in each industry that use industrial piping systems is essential. Knowing the many variations of how pipe damage can occur, both instantly and over an extended period of time, allows our experienced technicians to utilize their skills to accurately identify and determine the extent of any damage to the piping system. Their knowledge of different systems, each with unique circumstances, provides consistently reliable results leading to a higher level of service for our customers.

Our clients are the greatest benefactor of this expertise – we share and apply our collective knowledge resulting in a well-rounded perspective that is unique to NDT inspection companies.

Training and Certifications

Field technician training and certifications include:

  • ASNT Level II and Level III in multiple NDT disciplines
  • API 570 and 653
  • OSHA 30 hour General Industry Training
  • Radiation Safety


Safety in Gamma Graphics Services operations is not just a corporate goal, it is a requirement.

The Experience Modification Rating (EMR) of the company, which takes into account the number of claims/injuries a company has had in the past, is a Rating of 1. This is greatly attributed to our technicians performance with safety as the central focus of while deployed at customer facilities. Since 2017 through the current date, our accident and safety metrics, including accidents on-site, citations, OSHA investigations, litigations and the like, hold steady at zero (0) occurrences across the board.

Associations & Advocacy

We are fortunate to be a part of an industry with organizations dedicated to innovation, education and advocacy. GGS is committed to active participation and support of these associations.

Refrigerating Engineers & Technicians Association

RETA Corporate Members
RETA Board Member
RETA Conference & Chapter Speakers

International Institute of Ammonia Refrigeration

IIAR Regular and Associate Members
ANSI/IIAR 6-2019 Standard Subcommittee
BSR/IIAR CO2 Standard Subcommittee

UW Madison Industrial Refrigeration Consortium

Instructor for a course in the Principles and Practices of Mechanical Integrity for Industrial Refrigeration Systems

GGS is an Active Contractor Member of the supplier management platform ISNetworld.