Non destructive testing, reinvented.


Testing doesn’t have to be destructive or disruptive.
GGS has a better solution.

Early Detection

The Importance of Regularly Scheduled System Evaluations

Mechanical integrity and risk avoidance requirements include regular evaluations to be completed on systems to remain in compliance.…
Early Detection

The Integration of Inspection and Testing

Recommendations and example scenarios for the integration of inspection and testing for an effective ammonia refrigeration system evaluation.

Defining Wall Thickness Acceptance Levels for Your In-Service Piping

The piping in your system covers a large footprint of the equipment that is susceptible to ‘deficiency’.
Early Detection

The NDT Option Best Suited for Ammonia Refrigeration Piping Systems

The safest, most logical testing for ammonia refrigeration provides data for compliance, early failure detection, maintenance, and more.

Intelligent NDT

We use the latest, most efficient technologies to help companies understand the health of their piping systems. You will benefit from a process, application and data designed to help you meet the needs of today’s requirements and mechanical integrity in your environment.


Test locations per day at your facility ensure optimal value and efficiency


Zero holes in your piping insulation preserves the thermal barrier


Safe for your staff and system, no radiation exposure risk


Zero system configuration limitations, all piping is accessible and can be tested


Real-time testing results for on the spot alerts and reliable evaluation


Entire circumference of pipe is profiled instead of just a single spot or side

Thorough. Conclusive. Safe.

NDT Testing


Every day, we are in the field helping companies discover the truth about the health of their piping systems. Engage an integrity-focused approach to non destructive testing that you can trust.

NDT Testing


Make informed decisions with conclusive information you can count on. Our thorough, actionable reporting supports mechanical integrity and strengthens your PSM and RMP programs.

NDT Testing


Benefit from 360° scanning that ensures comprehensive testing of your entire piping system. Gamma Graphics Services (GGS) uses technology that tests more locations in less time with no disruptions to your operations or system.

NDT Testing


Our testing programs mutually support system operators, facility and safety managers, contractors and consultants. We serve industries that depend on piping systems across the US and overseas including refrigeration, petrochem, marine and more.

pressure vessel testing

Gamma Graphics Services testing supports industrial piping system operators, facility and safety managers, contractors and consultants.

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