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Non-destructive testing, reinvented.

Testing doesn’t have to be destructive or disruptive.
Gamma Graphics Services (GGS) has a better solution.

Gamma Graphics Services (GGS)

A painless testing process performed by nationally trusted professionals


Safe for your staff and system, there is no radiation exposure risk


All piping, nested and suspended, can be tested


Zero holes in your piping insulation results in the preservation of the thermal barrier


Complete pipe circumference is tested, not just a single spot or side


No pipe is too small, accurate readings are collected on all sizes


Average test locations per day at your facility

Gamma Graphics Services (GGS)

NDT Testing

Satisfy your Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) requirements with our service that has been trusted by end-users, contractors and consultants over 20 years.

Results of testing supports Mechanical Integrity and delivers data on your system that validates fitness for service and prioritizes areas that need attention. You will receive the information you need to meet today’s compliance requirements, mitigate risk, maintain mechanical integrity and control costs.

The NDT technology we use for pipe testing, Radiometric Profiling (RP), is the safest, most reliable method for process piping.

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Get the quality results you need
for your piping system from Gamma Graphics Services.

Days on Site
2 total

Fit for Service
of tested locations

6 tested
0 issues

324 test locations
261 insulated / 63 bare

45 lines
roof, engine rm, ceiling

Not to Code
2 locations
2 insulated: 1″ sch 40

Wet Insulation
38 locations
38 insulated / 0 bare

Pipe Wall Loss
4 locations 50%+
6 at 40%+; 21 at 30%+

13 locations
8 insulated / 5 bare

Needs Attention
4 locations
6 locations
43 locations

Thorough. Accurate. Safe.

Non-Destructive Testing for commercial and industrial process piping systems by Gamma Graphics Services (GGS)

Non-Destructive Testing


Every day, we are in the field helping companies discover the truth about the health of their piping systems. Benefit from an integrity-focused approach to non-destructive testing that you can trust.

Non-Destructive Testing


Make informed decisions with conclusive information you can count on. Our thorough, actionable reporting supports Mechanical Integrity and strengthens your PSM and RMP programs.

Non-Destructive Testing


Benefit from the advanced capabilities of Radiometric Profiling, the NDT method that ensures comprehensive testing of your entire piping system. Gamma Graphics Services (GGS) uses technology that tests more locations in less time with no disruptions to your operations or system.

Non-Destructive Testing


Our testing programs mutually support system operators, facility and safety managers, contractors and consultants. We serve industries that depend on process piping systems across the US and overseas, including refrigeration, petrochem, marine, and more.

Quoting is quick and easy.

Our flexible service options promise the same unique benefits for any system size or scope.

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You can depend on GGS.

GGS is committed to active participation and support of associations dedicated to innovation, education and advocacy. We are an Active Contractor Member of the supplier management platform ISNetworld.

Our satisfied customers include maintenance and PSM managers, technicians, engineers, contractors and consultants of food and beverage and cold storage facilities across the US and internationally.


Refrigerating Engineers & Technicians Association


International Institute of Ammonia Refrigeration


UW Madison Industrial Refrigeration Consortium
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