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Working with GGS

Non Destructive Testing Services

The results achieved by our process and technology will help you manage cost today and well into the future better than any other NDT company.

Every day, we are in the field helping companies learn the health of their piping systems with our non-destructive testing services.

The non destructive testing services we provide are a conclusive, diagnostic complement to your ongoing visual inspections. Whether you are performing a routine maintenance assessment, or repairing a critical failure, you can count on our NDT services to be consistent, accurate and effective.

Weaknesses in your system may be hidden under insulation, concealed inside pipe walls, or located in tough to reach spots. For this reason, GGS uses the most nimble and sensitive NDT technologies available today. As a result, we are able to detect even the tiniest abnormalities on bare, insulated, nested and suspended piping.

The stability and underlying weaknesses in your system are revealed, measured and recorded. Our process and deliverables provide what you need to meet requirements outlined by both OSHA and EPA.

Piping is tested with Radiometric Profiling (RP) technology. This advanced method does not require us to cut holes in insulation or interrupt operations. It also provides the most amount of detail on your piping, bare and under insulation, in record time.

Large vessels are tested with Ultrasonic Thickness Testing (UT or UTT) technology. UTT allows us to determine the wall thickness and evidence of corrosion on your vessels. Detailed vessel fitness data will allow you to make informed decisions.

GGS field technicians are experts in disciplined, multi-method applications. Further, they are trained on industry specific environments, as each is unique and presents its own challenges and characteristics.

Our customers include facility and safety managers, operators, engineers, technicians, contractors and consultants across multiple industries in the US and abroad.

  • Affirm the stability of your system
  • Reveal vulnerabilities in your piping and vessels
  • Improve planning and maintenance decision-making
  • Justify budgeting with conclusive data
  • Meet OSHA & EPA regulatory requirements
  • Gain peace of mind with early detection
  • Confirm code compliance and P&ID accuracy

Our process employs a holistic, integrity-focused approach.

As a result, we are able to optimize safety, efficiency and thoroughness from start to finish – and you can strengthen your position in mechanical integrity compliance.

Customer Industries

GGS helps companies that depend on healthy industrial piping systems to support their operations.

Client Site Locations

We test piping systems and provide critical mechanical integrity data for facilities across the U.S and beyond.

Our process employs a holistic, integrity-focused approach.

As a result, we are able to optimize safety, efficiency and thoroughness from start to finish – and you can strengthen your position in mechanical integrity compliance.

Scope Development

GGS is flexible and budget sensitive. We work with you to understand your requirements, goals and timeline to develop a scope that meets your needs. Our straightforward quoting results in a single, complete cost of service with no surprises.

Our NDT services offer comprehensive, targeted or critical assessments based on your environment and frequency requirements. Common scenarios include:

Full facility in a single mobilization
Customers that need their entire system tested to create a baseline for fitness in a single deployment.

Full facility in multiple mobilizations
Customers that need their entire facility tested over time, annually or semi-annually as part of their PSM + RMP program. A section of the system is tested during evaluation 1, another is tested during evaluation 2 …and so on until the entire system is evaluated

Critical areas in a single mobilization
Customers that need testing on specific areas of their system as a result of an inspection, audit or failure.

GGS NDT Services Process Discovery

On-Site at Your Facility

GGS deploys a field technician team to your facility on our agreed upon work dates. Our equipment does not not pose a radiation risk  – you can be present during testing and we do not interrupt production at your facility, we can test during normal hours of operation.

Our procedure is organized. 
The ability to measure and document the health of your entire system is key. We begin at headers and collect data throughout your system at multiple locations along the direction of flow.

We will target common failure points on piping at elbows, tees, valve groups, terminations, sagging pipe sections, changes in pipe direction, low areas on long straight piping runs, periodically along long runs of pipe, at the liquid line on vessels and any areas that may require further investigation as identified by a visual inspection.

All piping is accessible.
Inaccessible or ‘unnecessary’ sections of your system are not in our vernacular. The testing technology we apply is nimble – we are able to to reach nested and suspended assets with ease. Further, we will not deliver data estimates, data ranges or inconclusive readings.


Information collected for each individual testing/scan measurement location (SML) is conclusive, thorough and easy to understand. The report provides all findings and maximum detail for each SML.

Our NDT experts analyze the data and field notes to develop your report and the results are presented to your team.

Your report is delivered in an electronic file and hard-copy binder which includes complete detail, suspect areas and related implications.

We remain available to answer future questions for clarification and for on-call support in the event of an audit.

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Are you looking to do more with your data than just satisfy regulation requirements?

Non Destructive Testing supports your Process Safety Management and Risk Management Plan compliance and initiatives for maintaining a safe, operational system.  You will benefit from results that allow you to get the most out of your testing dollars:

  • Ensure PSM and RMP compliance under EPA, OSHA and IIAR guidelines
  • Improve planning and maintenance decision-making
  • Gain peace of mind with early detection
  • Confirm code compliance and P&ID accuracy.
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Contractors & Consultants

In addition to working directly with facilities, industrial contractors and consultants hire and refer our non-destructive testing services for their customers.

Threats to your piping system are buried like needles in a haystack.

We will find them. And the mouse. And maybe a pig or two.