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Validate P&ID's and Code Compliance

Ensure installation code compliance and accuracy of your piping and instrumentation diagrams (P&IDs) for valid process safety information.

An advantage of our non destructive testing services that you can count on.

Validate P&ID detail.

Resolve mis-labeling in your system.

Verify your system meets installation standards.

Infallible process safety information is a key component of compliance for companies with regulated process piping systems. Choosing GGS to test at your facility affords you the the ability to confirm or correct piping and instrumentation diagram (P&ID) detail for every location we evaluate in your system. And it doesn’t cost more, it’s already a benefit of our thorough data collection process.

Our technicians, a fresh set of eyes on your system, visually survey each testing location. Indications of incorrectly labeled piping to include type and flow on either the system or the diagrams are noted and provided in our report.

Our analysts are informed on system process and function fundamentals across the multiple industries we test. If there are details on the diagram that do not support these fundamentals, which are often simple drafting errors, we will note this on your report.

Our technology detects when installed pipe size may not match what is documented in your P&IDs. This information, also noted in your report, alerts you to confirm or correct these details in your P&IDs and verify if what you have installed meets the IIAR 2 Standard code.

Watch the video about findings that support P&ID validation

P&ID and Code Compliance Reporting


Pipe size and schedule is included in our evaluation for each location we test.

Incorrect labeling or detail that does not align with standard system process and function, either in the field or on the documentation, is also noted and provided in our report.



Strengthen Your PSM & RMP Programs

GGS testing for pipe size and schedule helps you meet specific requirements set forth by OSHA and the EPA.


Learn more about how GGS helps regulated industries meet important compliance requirements.

PSM + RMP Program Support

P&IDs and Code Compliance in the Field

Examples of how we have helped customers with their process safety information and installation requirements by detecting unknown variances in their system.

Managing the Uncertainty of an Inherited Ammonia System

GGS tested the inherited system of a Chicago Food Processor and found an alarming 10% of their concealed piping was not to code.

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Accurately Documenting Your Facility on Blind Faith is a Pipe Dream

GGS tested the system of a plant in California and found HTRL line piping that was marked as 1 ¼” in their PID’s to be ¾” in their system – not to code.

Learn more



Failure to document process safety information, which includes P&ID’s as ‘information pertaining to the equipment of the process’,

ranks as #5 of the top ten PSM violations reported by OSHA.


P&ID Accuracy: An Owner’s Responsibility explores requirements, common errors and recommendations for compliance.

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