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NDT Service Options & Pricing

Our NDT services offer comprehensive, targeted, or critical assessments based on your business environment and frequency requirements.

The non-destructive testing services we provide are a conclusive, diagnostic complement to your ongoing visual inspections.

Whether you are performing a routine maintenance assessment, or need information about a critical failure, you can count on any service option you choose to provide you with thorough, accurate data on your system.

Flexible Service Options

Option 1
  • You are confident in the general fitness of your system.
  • You have specific areas of concern.
  • Areas identified by an inspection, audit, or failure need further investigation.
Option 2
  • You are due for your five year evaluation.
  • You are concerned about the general fitness of your system.
  • You have acquired, or are considering, a new facility.
Option 3
  • You have a very large system.
  • Your company is budget sensitive.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much do you charge per "shot"?

We don’t charge per shot, our service is quoted at a per day rate. The result is a much lower cost per data point, and we test as many locations as time allows in a day.

  • We scan approximately 150+/- test locations on piping per day; 75+/- test locations if the piping is accessed via lift or ladder.
  • We can test 12 vessels per day.

How is the number of days decided?

The number of days are determined based on facility details such as the number of valve groups and/or number of vessels to be tested, an aerial view of the facility, and a conversation regarding scope.

What if we need an extra day?

We work as efficiently as possible to meet the agreed upon scope – if it takes us longer than expected, the original quoted cost remains the same.

What piping are you able to test?

The testing technology we apply is nimble – we are able to to reach nested and suspended assets with ease. All piping, as long as it is safe for our technicians to access, can be tested. Further, we will not deliver data estimates, data ranges, or inconclusive readings.

How do you test piping?

We begin at headers and collect data throughout your system at multiple locations along the direction of flow.

Our technicians will target common failure points on piping at equipment, roof and wall penetrations, elbows, tees, valve groups, terminations, sagging pipe sections, changes in pipe direction, low areas on long straight piping runs, periodically along long runs of pipe, and any areas that may require further investigation as identified by a visual inspection.

How do you test vessels?

Testing is performed on insulated vessels near areas where water is most likely to infiltrate and corrode the shell or heads – at the liquid line. A silicone inspection port is installed with a center plug attached to the sleeve portion of the port by a metal lanyard. Bare (uninsulated) vessels are tested where corrosive activity is most present.

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