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Non-Destructive Testing

As a full-service NDT provider, we do not perform mechanical integrity inspections, so there is no conflict of interest.

We offer diverse service offerings to support a complete mechanical integrity evaluation by validating fitness, quantifying the state of suspect areas, and revealing concealed weaknesses.

Our non-destructive testing (NDT) services for ammonia refrigeration piping systems provide quantitative data that helps companies meet compliance requirements, justify project budgets and prioritize maintenance.


What we will do for you

If you are a contractor or consultant managing facility testing for your customer, you can count on GGS to follow your lead.

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Work directly with the customer or strictly through you, the contractor

Provide an all-inclusive quote (and invoice) to the facility or your company

Integrate with existing customer service contracts

Test locations in your customer's system as instructed by you (and/or test at common failure points)

Test multiple customer systems in a single deployment

Help demonstrate the value of NDT for your customer

Timely scheduling


What we will do for your customer

Employ a Reliable Process

Jobs are performed by a 2-man technician team, experts in refrigeration NDT.

We only use safe NDT methods that present zero radiation exposure liability.

Flexible and budget-sensitive, the job scope is designed to meet short and long-term needs for PSM and RMP programs.

Use Efficient Technology

Piping insulation remains intact, testing is non-invasive and does not breach the vapor barrier.

Capable of evaluating all piping up to 24” diameter including elbows, and nested and suspended piping.

Average data collection rate is 150 locations per day on piping predominately located on the roof; 75 locations per day on piping suspended from interior ceiling spaces.

Deliver Conclusive Information

We detect, capture and report on pipe and vessel wall thickness, hidden moisture in insulation, corrosion, pipe size and schedule, and more.

Real-time results allow for additional testing to determine extent of damage without impact on job scope.

Data collected is reliable and quantitative.

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