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The Best NDT for Ammonia Refrigeration Piping

A Recorded Presentation

Yes, you can test the health of your piping without removing or cutting holes in the insulation or jacketing, and you no longer have to settle for disruption to operations or radiation exposure risk.

Learn how Radiometric Profiling (RP), the safest, most logical ammonia NDT option will provide you the data you need for compliance, early failure detection, maintenance prioritization, and P&ID confirmation.

All piping in your system that needs to be tested will be. Unlike other technologies, RP is nimble and able to test long runs, vertical piping, congested/nested piping, suspended piping and elbows.

RP is not bound by accessibility or single wall / single side limitations that are present with other NDT methods.

The Profiler has proven to be an excellent tool for detecting CUI, erosion, thinning pipe wall, welds, blockages, changes in schedule, moisture in insulation, liquid levels in piping, and verifying if gate valves are fully open and more.

Learn more about the best NDT for ammonia refrigeration, Radiometric Profiling (RP) or download the presentation slide deck.