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Radiometric Profiling vs Ultrasonic Thickness Testing for Refrigeration Piping

What is the right NDT technology to evaluate your ammonia refrigeration system?

This video reviews the performance of two non-destructive testing methods, Radiometric Profiling (RP) vs. Ultrasonic Thickness Testing (UTT) for refrigeration piping.

Printable Comparison - RP and UTT

UTT is one of the more common NDT techniques due to ease-of-use. Ultrasonic thickness testing measures the wall thickness of a properly prepared sample (pipe) by touching the transducer to the surface of the pipe.

This method is very good at measuring the thickness of a single-layer sample – optimally, a clean, flat, sample at moderate temperature.

For all measurement locations, insulation needs to be removed so the transducer comes into direct contact with the bare pipe.

When determining the best method for your industry and company requirements, there are many factors that should be evaluated. To learn more about Ultrasonic Thickness Testing for refrigeration piping and other available NDT methods, click here.