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Non Destructive Testing in Alaska

Facility and fleet NDT without the logistics burden.


Non Destructive Testing in Alaska

Facility and fleet NDT without the logistics burden.

Low impact,
high yield pipe and vessel testing

It’s completely safe – no barricades, no interruptions, no radiation exposure risk. Benefit from testing that occurs during business hours, while operations are in full swing both on land and water. Plant managers and engineers are welcome to watch the testing in action.

Our NDT technology can be carried on-person with our technicians directly to the testing site. Therefore, we are able travel with ease to facilities and marine vessels. This allows our customers to benefit from significant savings on logistics costs.

  • 150+/- Test locations per day at your facility ensure optimal value and efficiency
  • Zero holes in your piping insulation preserves the thermal barrier
  • Zero configuration limitations, all piping is accessible and can be tested
  • 100% Safe for your staff and system, no radiation exposure risk
  • Real-time testing results for on the spot alerts and reliable evaluation
  • Entire circumference of pipe is profiled, not just a single spot or side

No dangerous goods handling or fees – we arrive with the equipment.

We can test your fleet while docked or deployed without disruption.

Our process and technology is specialized for refrigeration systems.

We test piping with Radiometric Profiling (RP)


This advanced method provides the most amount of detail on your piping, bare or under insulation, in record time.

We deliver data you can understand in a report you can put into action.


Information collected for each individual testing/scan measurement location (SML) is conclusive, thorough and easy to understand.

Benefit from results that allow you to do more with your data.


Reach well beyond the minimum standard with information that helps you meet requirements and manage cost today well into the future.

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