A safer, trusted option for testing your piping and vessels.

GGS performs testing with the NDT technology that is best suited for ammonia refrigeration systems. This results in a non-disruptive experience that yields better data for peace of mind and decision-making.

Our services are employed across the U.S. by refrigeration and PSM managers, engineers, contractors and consultants of food and beverage and cold storage facilities.

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Benefit from practical testing technology.

  • No holes are cut in your piping jacketing or insulation
  • No radiation exposure risk
  • No access limitations
  • 150+/- test locations are collected per day
  • 360° circumference of the pipe is measured

Meet requirements with conclusive results.

  • Process and documentation adhere to OHSA, EPA, IIAR, PSM and RMP requirements.
  • Areas of fitness is confirmed and equipment that needs attention are identified.
  • Pipe/vessel wall thickness, moisture/water hidden in insulation, corrosion, pipe size and schedule, and more are detected and measured.

Testing does not have to be
destructive or disruptive.

GGS has a better solution.

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Gamma Graphics Services (GGS) is a trusted resource for system and compliance managers, engineers, contractors and consultants in the refrigeration industry.
Understanding the different elements present in each industry that use industrial piping systems is essential. Knowing the many variations of how pipe and vessel damage can occur, both instantly and over an extended period of time in ammonia refrigeration systems, allows our experienced technicians to utilize their skills to accurately locate and quantify degradation.  This knowledge provides consistently reliable results leading to a higher level of service for our customers.
LIXI, Gamma Graphics Services’ parent company, developed the Radiometric Profiling technology (radiometry) and the LIXI Profiler, the best NDT system for pipe testing.
EMR Rating 1; Zero Incidents Since 2017; Certifications include ASNT Level II and Level III in multiple NDT disciplines, API 570, API 653, and OSHA 30 Hour General Industry Training.
GGS is committed to ongoing active participation in industry associations and contributions to education.
Refrigerating Engineers & Technicians Association (RETA)
RETA Corporate Member, RETA Board Member, RETA Conference & Chapter Speaker
University of Wisconsin, Madison Industrial Refrigeration Consortium (U of WI / IRC)
Instructor for a course in the Principles and Practices of Mechanical Integrity for Industrial Refrigeration Systems
International Institute of Ammonia Refrigeration (IIAR)
IIAR Regular and Associate Member, ANSI/IIAR 6-2019 Standard Subcommittee, BSR/IIAR CO2 Standard Subcommittee
Active Contractor Member