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Non Destructive Testing Data Reporting

A GGS NDT evaluation provides a rich, definitive analysis so you can make confident decisions for your facility.

Get conclusive testing data you can rely on.

Report Deliverable

Information collected for each individual testing/scan measurement location (SML) is conclusive, thorough and easy to understand. Results include all findings and maximum detail for each SML.

Upon completion of testing, the non destructive data we collect on your system is analyzed and compiled. Each section of the report is designed to highlight, in different ways, information about your system. Our analysis includes complete detail, suspect areas and related implications. It will reveal the areas of your system that warrant higher priority based on testing results.

The results are delivered to you in a comprehensive report, both in hard copy and electronic format. It is presented to your team by one of our NDT experts. This meeting occurs via web conference, explains how to navigate the report and provides recommendations based on what we found in your system including high risk areas that need attention.

Post report delivery, we remain available to answer any questions and provide related support in the event of an audit.

Report Contents

Executive Summary

Presented first in your report, this overview summarizes testing at your facility. It also lists results that should receive a degree of higher attention by category and in order of criticality.

System Detail

This section of the report presents all of the results in a table format. This row-by-row layout is ordered by testing location and facilitates the comparison of neighboring locations to discover like conditions and discern patterns.

Location Detail

Each testing location is presented in the order it was evaluated. The visual representation of the reading we capture and the analyzed results are provided for each.

Prioritization Summary

Customized for each facility, this optional section distills the results based on your needs. You provide the parameters to set a baseline, and we organize your testing results in a manner that is most meaningful to you.

Report Findings

GGS evaluates and reports on more details about your system than any other testing service.

On insulated and uninsulated components, we reliably find and measure every characteristic necessary to manage the operational health and safety of ammonia refrigeration system piping and vessels.


Evaluations are specialized as a result of the varying conditions found in each industry. Learn more about our capabilities and the focus of our testing in your environment.


For piping, our testing locates and/or measures pipe wall thickness, corrosion, erosion, wet insulation, pipe size and schedule, welds, components and more.


For pressure vessels, our testing provides location and/or measurements of corrosion, wall thickness, wet insulation, missing insulation and presence of ID confirmation.

Data in Action

Benefit from results that allow you to affect more than any other testing service. Learn more about the many ways you can use the report you receive from GGS NDT testing services.

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