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What Every Operator/ Technician Should Know About NDT for Refrigeration Systems

This presentation provides an in-depth look at NDT (non-destructive testing) and its place in ammonia refrigeration. The information provided herein:

  • dispels some common myths about NDT
  • discusses when and how to put NDT to use for you
  • what your options are
  • addresses the new role of testing in IIAR Standard 6

This subject affords a valuable lesson on ways to increase the life of your pipes, vessels, and equipment. It is sure to spark some ‘aha’ moments and support informed decision-making at your facilities.

Prepared in support of RETA (Refrigerating Engineers and Technicians Association) Chapter Events. Past Meetings: Willamette Valley, Will H Knox, Inland Empire, California #2, Arkansas River Valley, Utah/Salt Lake City, Atlanta, Puget Sound, Milwaukee.

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Download the Presentation Deck (PDF)