Presentation: NDT for Ammonia Refrigeration Systems

This presentation provides an in-depth look at NDT (non-destructive testing) and it’s place in ammonia refrigeration. We dispel some common myths about NDT, discuss when and how to put it to use for you, what your options are, and address its new place in IIAR Standard 6.

This subject affords a valuable lesson on ways to increase the life of your pipes, vessels, and equipment. It is sure to spark some ‘aha’ moments and support informed decision-making and system integrity at your facilities.


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Prepared in support of RETA (National Refrigerating Engineers and Technicians Association) Chapter Events. Past Meetings: Willamette Valley, Will H Knox, Inland Empire, California #2, Arkansas River Valley, Utah/Salt Lake City, Atlanta. Upcoming Meetings: Puget Sound, Milwaukee.

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