NDT Testing Technology

Radiometric Profiling [RP] is the most trusted technology in NDT for industrial pipe systems.

Radiometric Profiling

Gamma Graphics Services utilizes the foremost technology in NDT. Safer than radiography, more comprehensive than ultrasonic testing, Radiometric Profiling [RP] provides you with faster results more information and is completely non-invasive.

RP is a fast real-time testing technique that helps you detect system defects with a data set and long term benefits that are far superior to any other NDT testing technology.

Testing is performed with the Lixi Profiler, which ensures a thorough and accurate assessment with applied RP. This technique delivers information you can count on to satisfy operational and regulatory compliance.


RP locates and/or measures corrosion, erosion, pipe wall thickness, wet insulation and more.

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  • An Arkansas Fortune 500 Company canceled $5 Million worth of planned maintenance

    with data from GGS that corrected their assumptions.

  • GGS tested the inherited system of a Chicago Food Processor and found 10% of piping not to code.

    Swift replacement helped them avoid potential crisis, violations and fines.

  • Dairy Plant in Ohio used GGS’ report as a foundation for implementing best practices in compliance

    and were nominated to OSHA’s VPP Star Program.


Radiometric Profiling test more locations in less time

with no disruptions to your operations or system.

No safety risk

RP is safe. There is zero radiation exposure risk, so facility staff can be present during testing.

No holes in insulation

There is no need for insulation removal or pipe cleaning. We test your pipes as we find them.

No configuration limitations

All piping at your site – including nested and suspended – can be accessed and tested.

More information, faster

We evaluate and collect accurate data on a minimum of 100 test locations per day.

Complete coverage

RP reads everything in the beam, wall to wall and top to bottom, for quantitative results.

Real-time results

Instant measurements allow for on-the-spot analysis and further investigation of anomalies.

See RP at work in your facility. 


The non destructive testing services we provide are a conclusive, diagnostic complement to your ongoing visual inspections. Whether you are performing a routine maintenance assessment, or repairing a critical failure, you can count on our NDT services to be consistent, accurate and effective.

Field technicians are experts in disciplined in multi-method application. Further, they are trained on industry specific environments, as each is unique and presents its own challenges and characteristics.

Our NDT services offer comprehensive, targeted or critical assessments based on your environment and frequency requirements. Our customers include facility managers, end users, contractors and consultants across multiple industries in the US and abroad.