Hydraulic, Open Pit and Machine

The LIXI Profiler reads everything in pipes within a wide range of both wall thickness and diameter in your on-site distribution piping.

Erosion Internal degradation of pipe wall thickness due to high velocity material impacting the pipe. Usually occurs at flow direction changes such as elbows, tees, and reducers. The impacting material can be solid particulates entrained in a liquid process stream or liquid droplets entrained in a vapor process stream.

Much of the process piping in the mining industry contains a slurry of water mixed with solid ore particles of various sizes. Some of this pipe is coated with a protective lining to help absorb the impact of solid particulates with the internal walls of the pipe. However, over time, once the protective lining fails, the steel underneath usually begins to erode at a much faster rate than the protective lining.

Mining NDT Services

The following are damage mechanisms and system components that are detected and measured by the LIXI Profiler for mining companies’ piping:


Your inspection report, which is used for follow up maintenance and to satisfy operational and regulatory requirements, includes visual, quantitative and qualitative data of each individual scanned location.

Preview visual indications from the inspection report