The LIXI Profiler is a rapid scanning, confined space friendly solution for detecting the impact of acidic and caustic affects on your insulated and uninsulated in-service piping.

Chemical Corrosion Constituents of various process chemicals may contain highly reactive chemical components that can react with the chemical components of the process piping.

Companies that process reagent chemicals to produce other products are usually aware of specific corrosion attributes at their facilities. The biggest problem that these facilities face is knowing where the corrosion is occurring most rapidly.

Depending on the various processes involved in making a marketable product, many of the following damage mechanisms may be present: Erosion/corrosion, CUI, FAC, MIC, and

Chemical NDT Services

The following are damage mechanisms and system components that are detected and measured by the LIXI Profiler for chemical companies that use process piping:


Your inspection report, which is used for follow up maintenance and to satisfy operational and regulatory requirements, includes visual, quantitative and qualitative data of each individual scanned location.

Preview visual indications from the inspection report