A Gamma Graphics inspection gives you the greatest insight for managing
the mechanical integrity of your industrial pipe system.

Non Destructive Testing

The level and volume of our data will allow you to finally meet operational and regulatory compliance requirements with confidence.

The knowledge of Gamma Graphics’ service techs combined with the revolutionary technology of Radiometric Profiling will help you manage cost today and well into the future better than any other service company.

We provide non destructive testing pipe inspection services for clients in all industries, national and international. Our experienced techs are experts in RP as well as the conventional NDT techniques such as ultrasonic testing, magnetic particle and radiography.

The scope of our services are defined by non destructive testing of your system by specific location or in it’s entirety to satisfy your mechanical integrity and operational maintenance standards. The scope of each project is in response to visible damage to measure the full extent of non-visible damage and to help you satisfy regulatory requirements.

Gamma Graphics’ skilled technicians carefully examine 200 test locations per day without interruption to your operations. Results are reviewed in real-time and a detailed post-inspection report is provided, affording you accurate insight into the location and severity of all significant indications.

This comprehensive report will allow you to identify areas of critical weakness and budget for future maintenance to maintain system reliability.

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Avoid pipe system failures.

Non destructive testing technology, equipment operators and their experience can either save or cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars in repairs. Damaged jacketing, incorrectly applied technologies, overlooked wet insulation…the variables between operator, technology and system can be costly.

Have you considered the possibility that your last inspection may have cost you more than it should have?

Is it possible that it left your system (and your organization) vulnerable as a result of overlooked defects?

Whether you are performing a routine maintenance assessment or repairing a critical failure, you can count on Gamma Graphics technicians and applications to be consistent, accurate and effective.

The RP Advantage

Gamma Graphics uses Radiometric Profiling [RP], an NDT technology, to assess the state of your system.

RP offers many benefits over typical NDT applications that can greatly improve your system assessment results, cost management and overall experience.

Results are Real-Time Data can be reviewed as it is collected allowing for immediate analysis.

Truly Nondestructive RP can be applied with the insulation in place and does not require preparation of the pipe surface.

RP is Safe Low intensity, low exposure. No radiation safety barriers are required, thus there is no impact on facility operations.

Up to 3X to 10X more inspection locations per inspection day than other NDT methods.

RP is Not Affected by Temperature The application is effective on frozen or hot piping.

Perpendicular Scanning Techniques The slice scan results in 100% of pipe, insulation and contents being included and measured at each test location.

Our service quote is very straightforward and encompasses the complete cost of inspection.

Due to the non-invasive technology used, there are no surprise extraneous pipe preparation or post-inspection repair costs.

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Our Role in Mechanical Integrity

Gamma Graphics Services delivers fast, reliable information and we understand our role in pipe inspection. We support many industry resources and respectfully work directly for your facility or with any 3rd party or consultant in your network.

In addition to successfully working with many consultants and training firms, our Mechanical Contractor partners report the following realized benefits as a result of choosing Gamma Graphics to support their client services:

+ A complete view of the system with more and better information
+ No need to hire more than one NDT inspection company
+ A reduction in client ‘emergency’ calls by an average of 86%
+ No interruption to production
+ No additional cost for preparation or post-inspection repair
+ The ability to budget for the following year with confidence