See everything inside your piping and vessels.

As reflected in the reporting we provide, our NDT non destructive testing services
reveal everything in your piping without having to touch a thing.


LIXI Profiler Indications

The LIXI Profiler scans through any pipe material to provide you with reliable quantitative data. It’s unwavering accuracy and ease of use will help you greatly improve your company’s mechanical integrity program.

While it provides abundant advantages, users depend on the Profiler to identify specific types of pipe defects, assess the general condition of their pipe system and locate welds.

The images below are samples of the visual representation of data collected by the LIXI Profiler which reveals anomalies in piping and pipe material.

External Corrosion
Internal Corrosion
CUI (Corrosion Under Insulation)
Ice/Wet Insulation
Change in Schedule
Butt Welds
Position of Gates in Valves
Liquid Levels
Undocumented Components
and More

External Corrosion, Internal Corrosion, Erosion and CUI (Corrosion Under Insulation)

Wall loss is indicated by a reduction in the expected value.

ExternalCorrosion_Axial-01Axial Scan
Reading: Nominal
ExternalCorrosion_Axial-02Axial Scan
Reading: Corrosion or Erosion

ExternalCorrosion_slice-01Slice Scan
Reading: Nominal
Erosion_Slice-02Slice Scan
Reading: Corrosion or Erosion



Change in Schedule

Indicated by a sustained drop in the expected value.

ExternalCorrosion_Axial-01Axial Scan
Reading: Nominal
ChangeinSched-02Axial Scan
Reading: Change in Schedule

Ice / Wet Insulation

Indicated by the presence of a ‘shoulder’ at the base of the reading.

ExternalCorrosion_slice-01Slice Scan
Reading: Nominal
WetInsulation-02Slice Scan
Reading: Ice/Wet Insulation



Butt Weld

Evidence of the excess material of the weld is indicated by an increase in the expected value.

ExternalCorrosion_Axial-01Axial Scan
Reading: Nominal
ButtWeld-02Axial Scan
Reading: Butt Weld

The LIXI Profiler can also find the position of gates in valves, liquid levels, blockage, undocumented components and more.

LIXI Profiler Scanning TechniquesDiscover the simplicity and versatility of the LIXI Profiler in action.