We are NDT.

The only technicians qualified for the fastest, most reliable
NDT inspection of your pipe system.

We are technicians.

A team of NDT experts with 40+ years experience that provides a better one-source pipe inspection service made possible through the smartest NDT inspection technology, Radiometric Profiling (RP), available on the market today.

For decades, companies have been at the mercy of visual inspection or spot checks using rudimentary technology to assess the health of the industrial pipe systems they rely on to support their facilities. Testing techniques such as ultrasound and radiography were preferred NDT methods even with the limitations they present. Some favor the use of an inspection camera or technology that produces an image, even though the images rarely identify problem areas — and systems are left vulnerable.

Technicians, facilities and contractors alike settled with what was available. They learned the technologies and combined multiple NDT techniques to try to arrive at the answer to one, singular question – is my pipe bad?

In 2004, we began using technology that offered a more comprehensive, faster and safer process. Radiometric Profiling (RP) can detect pipe defects in one smooth scan.

This technology, combined with other techniques in only the most unique situations, allows us to confidently provide our clients the most reliable results based on our non destructive NDT inspection services which typically result in an 80% + improvement on the integrity of a pipe system due to early detection of anomalies.

We are engineers.

LIXI, Gamma Graphics Services’ parent company, developed the Radiometric Profiling (radiometry) technology and the LIXI Profiler, the versatile tool used today in our NDT inspections. Licensed as non-industrial radiography, this advanced method has literally re-engineered the manner and process in which system managers and piping consultants detect bad pipe.

This tool has allowed facilities around the globe to eliminate costly steps, lessen their workload, shrink their labor pool, increase productivity by 8x or more and safely continue production while the inspection is in process, leaving antiquated technologies such as ultrasonic testing and inspection camera methods in its wake.

We are chemists.

Understanding the different elements present in each trade that uses industrial pipe systems is essential. The many variations of how damage can occur to pipe material, instantly and over time, lends to the ability to determine the extent and nature of a single detected abnormality.

This knowledge affords a collaboration both in product development and service delivery that is not available any where else in the market. Our clients are the greatest benefactor, as we share all that we glean from this well-rounded perspective and collaboration that is unique to NDT inspection service companies.


Industry Collaboration

As recognized national experts in NDT technology, GGS executive staff and our company as a whole is committed to being active in industry associations and contributing to education.

We are a member of RETA (Refrigerating Engineers & Technicians Association), a member of IIAR (International Institute of Ammonia Refrigeration) and support continuing education by serving as a regular resource/speaker to organizations such as ASTI (Ammonia Safety & Training Institute) and the University of Wisconsin Madison’s IRC (Industrial Refrigeration Consortium).

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