Faster Results.

We apply NDT technology to inspect your pipes as they are, no need for insulation removal or pre-inspection cleaning.

A lot of ground is covered in a small amount of time – an average of 200 test locations at your facilities can be assessed in just one day.

More information.

Benefit from the most complete scanning which provides 360° coverage and real-time results for identifying areas of vulnerability.

Our assessment identifies schedule and locates and measures corrosion, erosion, welds, wet insulation, blockage and more.

Safest process.

Unlike radiography, we use truly non destructive technology that also does not present a radiation exposure risk.

There are no special barricades or boundaries required and, most importantly, no interruptions to your operations.


One-Source NDT Non Destructive Testing

Gamma Graphics Services utilizes the market’s most effective NDT technology, Radiometric Profiling (RP), to provide industrial pipe inspection services to companies worldwide.

RP is a fast, real-time testing technique that uses radiometry, a much safer alternative to radiography. The application measures changes in a beam of gamma-ray energy as it passes through the sample being inspected.

The beam source is positioned on one side of the pipe with the detector on the other side of the pipe, measuring everything in between the source and detector.

No matter your industry, trade or complexity of your pipe system, our expert on-site techs will give you data you can count on. All solutions are developed specifically for your environment and based on your requirements.

GGS_AdvantageImmediately detect system defects and receive long term benefits that are far superior to any other NDT technology.

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GGS_ResultsExplore the quantitative information available to you when you hire Gamma Graphics for your NDT pipe inspection.

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GGS_RelationshipWe support many industry resources and respectfully work directly for the facility or with any 3rd party or consultant.

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